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5 Questions With The New 5er: Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams, Client Manager 

What were you doing before this? 

I was a project manager at Lipscomb University in the marketing department.


What drew you to 5by5?

I had worked with 5by5 as the client before and got to see the great work they do. I knew that 5by5 has similar values that I have like integrity and that they would value me as more than just an employee, but as a whole person. I appreciate how 5by invest in culture. This is a place where I can develop new skills and really take my career to the next level.


What’s one thing we would not guess about childhood Tyler? 

I was homeschooled and traveled nine months of every year with my grandparents. 


What’s one thing you are trying to learn right now?

I’m becoming more familiar with the Adobe creative suite right now. I know this will help me serve my clients better. And in my personal life, I’m learning how to make better mixed drinks.  


Who is a change maker that is inspiring you right now? 

Christian Care Ministries is a client I’m working with and I’ve been so inspired by the way they are empowering people to take health care into their own hands. Working with an organization that is helping people physically and financially is very rewarding. 

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