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3 Healthcare Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

By Bob Hutchins, Expert in Residence

Competition and innovation in the healthcare space continue to heat up at an almost atomic pace. As organizations and providers battle it out for market share, patients are gaining more and more control over their healthcare decisions and treatment options. To plan out effective marketing and communication strategies in this rapidly changing environment, careful consideration of the unfolding trends must take priority.

Here are three of the most important trends you need to be aware of:

1. Healthcare consumers are now in the driver’s seat.

Thanks to the internet and social media, patients are more informed than ever before about their health and treatment options. They're more likely to switch providers if they're not getting the level of service or care they expect. Seeing themselves as the consumer, they're also increasingly cost-conscious and value-conscious. 

What does this mean for healthcare marketers? Healthcare organizations need to focus on providing a positive patient experience at every touchpoint from the initial contact, throughout the entire journey. They also need to be transparent about pricing and able to communicate the value they provide.

2. Start by learning, then innovate.

Innovative organizations are disrupting the status quo to develop products that meet today's new reality, by listening intently and caring deeply for their customers' needs. They keep an eye out for where things are headed; one way they do this is through monitoring younger generations' online behavior via social media posts or other platforms. This gives them an edge when it comes to creating fresh content and staying relevant. The most innovative organizations in the healthcare space power their marketing strategy with data and technology to remain agile and intimate with their target audience.

3. Consolidation requires diversifying marketing strategies.

Healthcare continues to consolidate, with private equity leading the race. Doctor-led groups are also showing up to compete for space and money – but they're not alone! As these multi-location entities start scaling up their operations (and bringing on executive leadership), there are numerous marketing opportunities: 

  • Think creatively about your marketing and using the latest tools, technology, and strategies.
  • Generate revenue by differentiating yourself from alternative healthcare providers.
  • Enter into new markets or geographies.

Remember, consolidation brings with it the need for more strategic marketing plans that focus on how to reach patients across channels, as well as how to best utilize technology for increased efficiency and scale.

So what should you do?

Healthcare marketing is changing every day, and it's more important than ever to stay on top of the latest trends. By doing so, you can set your organization up for success in this rapidly transforming landscape.

Here at 5by5 we are partnering with healthcare providers, organizations, and innovative startups to help them navigate these healthcare trends with our marketing, research, branding, and strategy expertise. Reach out to us if you are interested in learning more. 


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