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5 Questions With The New 5er: Sarah Sherlock

Sherlock Headshot

Meet our new Director of Agency Marketing, Sarah Sherlock!

Learn about Sarah's background, what drew her to 5by5, what she's learning and what's inspiring her.

What were you doing before this?

Most recently, I was a digital marketer for a national financial brand. Before that I worked for America’s largest medical nonprofit.

What drew you to 5by5?

5by5 has a great reputation and I kept hearing about "them" so I had to check it out for myself. I started as a contractor and was hooked by the people, work style and overall culture that make 5by5 unique.

What’s one thing we would not guess about childhood Sarah?

I was such a tomboy! From picking up bugs to riding go-karts and climbing trees, I played tough and I’ve got the scars to prove it. To this day, I’m still a big animal lover and enjoy spending time outside.

What’s one thing you are trying to learn right now?

I’m learning so much right now which is really exciting for me as I’ve always loved being a student! I’ve been working in WordPress a lot more and seeing what I can do myself versus relying on a developer or designer.

Who is a change maker that is inspiring you right now?

I’ve been enjoying the Live in Love podcast with Lauren Akins, hosted by Annie F. Downs. It’s inspiring me to be even more intentional about all the different relationships in my life.


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