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CEO Corner – Moving Ahead

Shannon Litton headshot

Shannon Litton, 5by5 CEO

As I look at my ever-filling calendar for the summer, I have oddly nostalgic memories of 2020. Remember when things were slower and quieter? Remember when we longed for normalcy while enjoying time at dinner tables and trying out new hobbies? It makes me wonder, is “normal” back? And are we glad? There are certainly tradeoffs, but I’m so grateful for in-person meetings, travel and seeing clients again. 

Though there are some differences by industry and geographical location, one thing is certain — things are cranking back up. From our unique view working with a broad range of clients, here are three things we’re seeing consistently:

  1. Large projects that were put on the back burner are front and center once again. Web rebuilds or new product launches may have been sidelined by Covid distractions and hesitancy, but they are now a priority. And not only are they important, but they are also more urgent than ever. 
  2. ROI matters. Let’s be honest, it always has (or should have). But just like our grandparents who were forever changed by the Great Depression, we have a new mental check for spending. It needs to be invested well and provide a return. 
  3. Innovation is not a luxury. We’re in a strange period where all our quick “pivots” are hanging around. As leaders, we’re deciding whether they’re permanent. And we’re taking all the learnings of 2020 and applying them to future plans. Companies that have embraced change and innovation as a permanent part of their culture will win. Those who fall back into the status quo will struggle. 

As we adjust both professionally and personally, let’s hang on to the good lessons and decisions of the last year, let go of hesitancy and move confidently ahead.

Shannon Litton

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