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Calls to action (CTAs) are the most direct way to get a user to complete a business goal. In other words, they matter. A lot. The more engaging and clear your CTAs are, the higher your conversion rates and number of conversions will be. That’s a pretty good thing, right? After all, we’re not just trying to make sure people are aware of our brand; we’re trying to get them to take the next step in engaging with us.

As an agency, we’ve designed and run a ton of conversion campaigns and website projects over the years, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Drawing on everything we’ve learned through our experience, here are five things to consider before you launch your next campaign so you can get the conversions you want, too.

  1. Keep it short!
    As you may know all too well, we have short attention spans these days. If you want someone to take action, you’ve got to get to the point quickly. In our experience, high-performing CTAs are typically no longer than 4-5 words.
  2. Use action words.
    Create a sense of urgency with action-oriented verbs. Don’t be afraid to clearly state what you want them to do and when. Words like “get,” “download” and “sign up” have proven effective for us, especially when adding “now” or “today” when appropriate.
  3. Color and shape matter.
    The design of the button — or simply the typeface and color of the text — makes a difference in how the CTA is received. Though it depends on the web experience and industry, contrasting colors typically perform best. We recommend always testing options to see what performs best on your site.
  4. Write in first person.
    Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes always helps improve your click-through rate. One way to do this is by writing CTAs
    in first person, i.e. “Download my free guide.” This helps the customer visualize themselves taking action in the way you desire.
  5. Always test!
    The most effective way to know what works with your audience is by testing out two or three options. This is especially helpful for CTAs, colors and style.

At 5by5, we believe change makers deserve access to the best marketing strategies, tools and implementation available anywhere. If you’re looking for a partner to help you pinpoint and engage the right target audience with messages that prompt action and inspire advocacy, we’d love to talk!

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