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How iOS 14 Will Affect Your Facebook Advertising

If you are using Facebook Ads to market your product, service, or organization, you are keenly aware of the role mobile phones and tablets play in this process. Most people today are going to see your ads on these devices as they scroll through their facebook feed or spend time in their favorite group.  You also realize that a very large percentage of those people will be using iPhones or iPads.  So when the latest update,  iOS 14, hit these Apple devices — it extensively modified how ads are created, tracked, and interacted with.

As a result, Facebook has changed its requirements for advertiser to abide by Apple’s new rules.  You can read them all here on Facebook .


Here is what it means for advertisers:
  1. It will lead to less tracking of people on mobile devices.
  2. It will impact the pixel and everything associated with it (conversion tracking, optimization, targeting).
  3. It will impact mobile app ads.
  4. Audience Network publishers will take a hit, and the placement may be less effective.

The biggest things companies and marketers need pay attention to is: how this affects the long term optimization of your ads, and no longer being able to track longer term conversion windows.


How to prepare your Facebook Ads for the Apple iOS 14 update:
  1. Get your Domain Verified.
  2. Focus on getting email addresses with your ads so that you can rely less on Pixel optimization for retargeting.
  3. Start understanding how many purchases/leads and other events are from iOS devices (use the Breakdown reports)
  4. Send your clients messages about these steps and work with them on Domain Verification.
  5. Choose which Conversion Events you will use if you have more than 8.

And last but certainly not least, think long and hard about how you can start diversifying your digital ads, lead generation, and email collection methods. Change can be a good thing, and now more than ever there are a myriad of options and platforms that your business or organization can use to reach segments of your audience.

As always, if we can be of assistance here at 5by5, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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