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Exploring the Opportunity of AI in Marketing

Check out our discussion with top business experts about AI. We cover the latest developments and potential impact across industries. If that sounds nice, wait ’til you hear the twist. Take a listen. The last 10 minutes are where we get in to the good stuff.

brain sitting on a computer chip as part of a circuit board
Human standing in a robot's hand and looking through a scope

Can you spot AI writing?

Some of these blurbs were written by copywriters. Some were written by AI.
Can you tell which is which?

5by5 and AI

It seems like every day there are new developments in the world of AI. That means new applications, new websites, new use cases — it’s a lot to keep up with.

For marketers, there are content tools, image generation, and even ways to integrate AI with your overall marketing strategy. What tools do you take advantage of now, which ones do you watch develop, and which ones do you not touch with a ten-foot pole?

We believe it's important to embrace change. We are, after all, a change agency. We wake up every morning to serve change makers in health care, fundraising, and a host of other industries.

So, while we aren't here to say we know everything about AI or what the future holds, we will continue to learn and use AI to improve. We will continue to focus on clarity and reach to get results. But we will not replace the human connection and relationships that create lasting change.

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