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How the Pandemic is Affecting Digital Marketing

With Guests: Josh Miller, 5by5 CPO, and Patrick McLendon, 5by5 Director of Digital Marketing

5by5 CPO Josh Miller

In the era of the Coronavirus, we are all working diligently to “flatten the curve”, in an effort to minimize the pandemic’s impact. At the same time, there is another curve we’re excited to find out ISN’T flattening, and that is in the area of digital marketing.

To weather this year, you must be ready - either now or very soon - with big plans to attract new business and revenue. Fortunately, the time might never have been better, if you understand where the new opportunity lies.

In this webinar, 5by5 CEO, Shannon Litton, is joined by Chief Product Officer, Josh Miller, and Director of Digital Marketing, Patrick McLendon, to break down the current trends happening in the digital marketing space, and what you can do now to take advantage of them.

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