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Without question, we are living in a wild, uncertain time. Nothing could have prepared us for dealing with this, as business owners and as people. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our world in ways we couldn’t have imagined, we want all our clients, partners and friends to know that we’re all in this together.

We recently went to the many business and nonprofit leaders we’re privileged to serve to find out what’s actually going on at the ground level. We wanted to know where you’re stuck and overwhelmed and what you need most.

You told us, and we listened. In response to what so many of you told us, we created The State of Change, a resource series for leaders of all kinds and businesses of all sizes, containing information, tools and answers to the many questions that we're all wrestling with. We truly are in this together.


Real Data for Clarity in Crisis

With Guest: Mark McPeak, VP of Research, 5by5

In this webinar, 5by5 CEO, Shannon Litton, and VP of Research, Mark McPeak, present our recent research findings, which include critical insights into what leaders CAN control that will help enable and empower them to move forward with more confidence in the areas of understanding customers, critical communications, resource allocation and more.

The CARES Act for Small Business and Nonprofits

With Guests: Kurt Beasley, JD, CPA, & business leader, Brad Weeks

Much is being reported about the CARES Act, but there are many questions about how it will apply to specific industries.

In this webinar, 5by5 CEO, Shannon Litton, is joined by 5by5’s trusted attorney and CPA, Kurt Beasley, and business leader, Brad Weeks, to break down what the CARES Act means specifically for Small Business and Nonprofits.

Your Leadership Voice in Times of Stress

With Guest: Holly Moore, Hollis Strategies

During times of stress, like the current situation with COVID-19, our behaviors and actions can be impacted by the anxiety, demands, and unknowns we are experiencing professionally and personally.

In this webinar, 5by5 CEO, Shannon Litton, talks with Holly Moore, Team Dynamics and Leadership Coach, on ways to know yourself and lead yourself well in this unprecedented season.

How the Pandemic is Affecting Digital Marketing

With Guests: Josh Miller, 5by5 Chief Product Officer, & Patrick McLendon, Director of Digital Marketing

In this webinar, 5by5 CEO, Shannon Litton, is joined by Chief Product Officer, Josh Miller, and Director of Digital Marketing, Patrick McLendon, to break down the current trends happening in the digital marketing space, and what you can do now to take advantage of them.

How Nonprofits Can Survive the Pandemic

With Guest: Mike Myers, Non Profit DNA

Nonprofit leaders, you’re no stranger to challenging work! But today many of you face a new challenge - the task of simply surviving in this time of great global economic change.

In this webinar, 5by5 CEO, Shannon Litton, is joined by Nonprofit expert, Mike Meyers, to discuss how the pandemic is impacting Nonprofits, and what every leader must do now to be sure they can continue to fulfill their mission.

Smart and Not-So-Smart Communication

With Guests: Mike Schatz, 5by5 Chief Relationship Officer & Evelyn Warren, Communications Veteran

Brands are made and ruined during times of crisis.

In this webinar, 5by5 CEO, Shannon Litton, is joined by Chief Relationship Officer, Mike Schatz, and Communications Veteran, Evelyn Warren, to discuss practical tips for what you should and should not be communicating in times of crisis.

Managing Your Mental Health in Tough Times

With Guest: Dr. Curt Thompson, psychiatrist, speaker, and author

There has long been an increasing dialogue around the importance of mental health in our world, and perhaps we’ve never needed it more than we do right now.

In this webinar, 5by5 CEO, Shannon Litton, talks with psychiatrist, author and speaker, Dr. Curt Thompson, about ways we can look after our mental health, be honest and maintain hope in the midst of difficult times.


3 Areas Leaders Must Apply Renewed Focus Following a Crisis

Regardless of how your business has been impacted by the pandemic, your focus over the next 90 days is critical and might determine your success for years to come. READ MORE at

What If the New Normal Is Better?

Recovery will be the new word, and we all can’t wait to get back to normal. But new normal just might be better than old normal. Here are three areas in your organization that shouldn’t revert back to “good old days” thinking. READ MORE at

The CARES Act for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Many leaders have told us that maintaining income was their number one concern at this time. The CARES Act provides critical financial relief that you should be aware of. There are a lot of questions about the CARES Act, and we wanted to help provide some answers. READ MORE

One CEO's Tips for Communicating During a Crisis

You don’t have all the answers, and that’s OK. None of us do. But those who get ahead will manage the only element we have any control over at this time — the trust of your audience. READ MORE at

Leading Well in a Crisis, Coronavirus or Not

There’s an interesting risk equation that says Risk = Hazard x Outrage. The only element we have any control over in that equation is outrage. Here are a few recommendations for leaders as they decide when and how to address the Coronavirus with their teams and customers. READ MORE

Meet Our Clients, Serving a World in Crisis

Our clients are constantly inspiring us with no exception during these difficult and uncertain times. These are just a few of the clients who are meeting a wide variety of needs, locally and globally, in important ways. READ MORE

Keeping Business Moving, Even in a Pandemic

Managing what we can control is helping to reduce the panic we all feel. We know the sun will come out again and we’re preparing for that with an energy equal to our crisis management. You should too – by identifying the things you still can do rather than worrying about what you can’t. READ MORE

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