Amazima Ministries

Sharing Stories of Life Change Halfway Around the World

Amazima Ministries and its founder, Katie Davis, have dedicated their lives to mentoring, educating, feeding, and bringing hope through the Gospel in Jinja, Uganda. When they engaged 5by5 to further define their brand and create a marketing plan and website to help tell their story across both continents we were honored and elated. Undertaking any new client project can be challenging, but it’s way more humbling when our first client embodies every reason we chose to be in this business.

Getting Started

It was clear from the beginning they had more stories than they could tell within their current branding framework, and the organization had outgrown its current look and feel. We spent a cool morning in May learning about their foundation, the current state of the organization, and their dreams for the future of Amazima. We asked several questions and quickly moved past the who and what of the organization into the why.

Armed with our newfound knowledge, we began work in close collaboration with Amazima on the new logo, website, and marketing plan. It’s tricky work running interdependent projects simultaneously across the world, but teamwork and consistent communication smoothed the path.

Project Timeline

The Site

From feeding to education to mentoring to farming to micro finance, Amazima is making a huge impact in Jinja in a myriad of ways. From afar their work can seem disjointed until you weave in the stories. It quickly became apparent the job of the new site is to tell the story of Amazima (“Truth” in the local dialect) through the people of Uganda.

The site structure is built to move a visitor all the way through from “Who We Are” to “What We Do” to how they can “Get Involved” using a moderate amount of copy and large, rich imagery. There are also supporting stories throughout the site that engage visitors in a more personal way. We felt like these stories drive visitors straight to the heart of the ministry. Each story should end with a specific call to action informing visitors how they can get involved through prayer, giving, or other ways.

The new is fully responsive and works on all devices. It’s built on a CMS that gives the Amazima staff full control of all the copy, images, and videos. It’s easy to add, change, and remove content throughout the whole site.

The Marketing Strategy

Since we were immersed in Amazima while creating the site and the new logo, marketing ideas were flowing throughout the process. We had a great understanding of the current assets and how to leverage them to create several exciting ideas that we look forward to implementing and sharing down the road.

"When we were introduced to 5by5, we were not looking for a marketing agency, we were looking for a partner who shared our values and vision. We found that in 5by5."
Doug Martin, Managing Director

Serving Change Makers. Check.

So here we are, just four months later with exactly what we hoped for, a strategic marketing plan, logo, and website that will help Amazima clarify their story and extend their reach as they continue to serve the Lord in Uganda and around the world.

5by5 serves change makers, and we’d love to work with you. Contact us today.

The Results So Far...

Less than a year after the roll out of the brand:

We're Really Excited

But don't just take our word for it, listen to what Doug Martin from Amazima has to say.

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