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Content Strategy & Development

Build trust with your audience — and grow it —by creating content they love.

Become the brand with the answers.

In a world with seemingly endless options for nearly any product or service, brand trust is everything. One of the best ways to build trust is to be the expert. If they’re in the market for your product or service, they’re ultimately looking for something to solve a problem. 


When people have a problem, they ask questions. Your job is to answer them. When you provide clear answers rooted in years of expertise, you establish an invaluable foundation of credibility that engages your audience and cultivates brand loyalty.

Map out your audience journey.

Your audience may all want the same thing, but for different reasons. To be effective in content strategy you have to think about all the paths toward your product or service and where your audience might find themselves along that path. 


Start with each audience segment in mind and what stage in the journey they might be in. Are they just beginning to consider the idea? Have they already researched your brand alongside competitors? Do they need a solution quickly? Understanding the full customer journey and at which point each piece of content is trying to reach them is critical to taking advantage of all the opportunities available.

Write for humans without sacrificing search.

You don’t have to incorporate SEO at the expense of actual human language. Call us optimistic, but we believe compelling copy and search-friendly keywords can live in harmony. And we have the results to prove it. Smart SEO-optimized content is meaningful to real-life readers while still following technical best practices for search engines to categorize and rank it highly.

Create content beyond the blog post.

Content is still in charge, but today it’s less of a king and more of a house of representatives or a panel of village elders. There are so many channels and platforms you can utilize to create branded content, and each has its own strengths. Many people hear “content strategy” and think “a blog with hundreds of posts,” but an effective content strategy goes beyond that. A robust content strategy includes all of the different ways people consume media - photos, infographics, animations, illustrations, video, interactive tools and more. At 5by5, we have the in-house specialists to do all of it.

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