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Integrity Music

Integrity Music's desire is to help people world-wide experience the manifest presence of God and resource the church with songs of substance.

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Background & Objectives

Integrity Music is a pioneer and innovator within the worship music industry. Many of the most powerful trends and most well-known artists in this space got their start with, or were nurtured by, Integrity Music over the label’s nearly 40-year history.


In recent years, many innovations and changes have shaped every area of music, and the worship category is no exception. After decades of success, Integrity Music found itself in a changing marketplace asking questions about its brand and long-term effectiveness. As part of this questioning, Integrity Music needed to understand the current status and perception of their brand. Before making decisions on moving forward, it was very important to have clarity around the brand equity in the perceptions of those who know it well and those who are in the worship music space.

Project & Methodology

Integrity Music partnered with 5by5 Research to conduct an extensive brand perception study. The objective of this work was to fully understand the current position of the brand and identify the specific perceptions from a broad sample of people who listen to worship music.


5by5 Research conducted comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research to validate and deeply understand how the Integrity Music brand was perceived. The team used quantitative research to survey those connected with the brand, worship music listeners and consumers in the marketplace. The project approach included some innovative sampling techniques using online behaviors to target the ideal respondents.


The quantitative work was followed by focus groups and in-depth interviews with stakeholders at every level, from consumers to worship leaders to artists. The qualitative facilitated a much deeper understanding of the issues that were quantified in the first phase.

Pages from the Integrity Music market research report showing general findings about worship listening habits.

Results & Outcomes

The Integrity Music leadership shared that 5by5’s research findings::

  • Provided the clarity they needed to develop a powerful strategy for moving forward.
  • Answered many of the questions that were critical for their future
  • Built a significant foundation for strategy moving forward
  • Helped cut many months out of a schedule that would have been required had they not known what they learned through the research

"One of the things that 5by5 did was give us clarity and a real sense that where we are moving forward as an organization ultimately aligned with the research that they did, and I thought that was priceless for us."

Jonathan Brown | President

Integrity Music

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