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A Black man holding a Bible and a microphone, preaching to a group of children

Reaching Souls International

Reaching Souls International provides leadership training, financial support, and accountability to local pastors and evangelists, empowering them to reach their home communities with the Gospel.

Reaching Souls logo


We’re fortunate to have an established relationship with Reaching Souls International and have successfully implemented several projects with them. So, when they came to us with a tight deadline and a blank slate for a fundraising project, we were up for the challenge.

Time was our biggest obstacle, which took a lot of options off the table. However, because we’ve become so familiar with RSI’s operations, we saw an opportunity to leverage some of their existing material in a new and interesting way.

RSI works with missionaries around the globe, empowering them with resources and training. One of the tools their global missionaries use in the field is a large flip chart that outlines the story of the Gospel in a beautiful, easy-to-understand way.

We took that same flipchart, reworked it for Western audiences and shrunk it down to pocket size. The idea was to show donors what the missionaries they’re supporting are using every day in the field and give them something tangible to connect them to the impact they are having across the world.

The "Give the Gift of the Gospel" color blocks
"Give the Gift of the Gospel" logo designs in different colors
A mockup of the "Give the Gift of the Gospel" activity book


Use repurposed RSI flip charts to connect donors with missionaries and galvanize a fresh wave of donations to support their end of year (EOY) campaign.

A mockup of the "Give the Gift of the Gospel" website design, which includes text and design
A mockup of the "Give the Gift of the Gospel" design, which includes text and design
A mockup of the "Give the Gift of the Gospel" social media campaign, which includes an Instagram feed


Ad Clicks

3.31% Click-Through-Rate on digital campaign ads

Site Traffic

312% increase November-December

EOY Campaign Giving

188% increase from previous year

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