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Baseball player about to swing the bat during a game in a stadium while it is raining.

S2 Cognition

The S2 Cognition assessment is used by coaches and players across all levels of sports to help athletes better understand and train their in-game decisions.

S2 Cognition blue logo.


S2 Cognition is the company behind a groundbreaking assessment used by coaches and players across all levels of sports to help athletes better understand and train their in-game decisions. 


They came to 5by5 with a unique product — an individual sports assessment that can unlock the connection between an athlete’s brain and their athletic performance. They’d been successful getting traction with professional teams, but S2 wanted to reach a new market: youth sports.


We dove into the competitive landscape of the market and did a complete brand strategy project, including renaming and creating a visual brand. In addition to marketing reach strategies, 5by5 worked with the client to develop a viable business strategy and product development strategy that would allow them to successfully expand the brand. 

A preview of the S2 cognition brand overview, showing pages depicting their brand guidelines with logos and color palettes.


Prepare product for an effective launch into a new marketplace & distill a technically complicated product into easily digestible information for consumers.

A preview of the S2 cognition player cognition assessment.
A preview of the S2 Cognition website showing a football player on a desktop computer and tablet.


5by5 helped S2 Cognition shape its platform in preparation for entering a new market and established clear strategies for effectively reaching the new audience, not only in strategy and marketing but in business and product development as well.

By refining the product and developing brand messaging to effectively convey its unique value to a new audience, 5by5’s expertise and guidance has set S2 on a path toward success.

“Without question, the interaction with 5by5 has put us on a very different, more focused, more effective course in terms of marketing and reaching, not only our current clients but our prospective clients and our clients along different verticals.“

Scott Wiley | Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

S2 Cognition

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