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Show Hope

Show Hope is a nonprofit whose mission is to restore hope to millions of children who have been orphaned by breaking down barriers between waiting children and loving families.

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Show Hope came to 5by5 with a special project that demanded a unique approach. It wasn’t about driving conversions or increasing donations or building an email list — it was about telling a story.

Show Hope had spent the last 12 years funding and operating Maria’s Big House of Hope and other Care Centers all throughout China. The Big Blue Building and its sister sites were dedicated to Maria, the adopted daughter of founders Stephen Curtis Chapman and Mary Beth Chapman, who had tragically passed away.

As their time with the Care Centers came to a close and Show Hope looked to the future and new opportunities, they wanted to find a way to honor the nearly 3,000 children that had received care through these amazing places.

5by5 was given a blank canvas to create something beautiful: The Care Centers Legacy page. This was to be a place where people could learn the stories of children whose lives had been changed and be inspired by the incredible work God had done.

This approach ensured we had a strong understanding of the current digital landscape and were able to put strategy first to use those findings in the new site architecture process.

Following the audit, our team moved into strategic creative, delivering a fresh brand identity, as well as the redesign and development phases of the website, completely transforming the way new visitors and current attendees interacted with their church.


An iPad, an iPhone, and a desktop screen that show the Show Hope website, which includes a Care Center building, photos of the children who live there, and text


Create a page on the Show Hope website that celebrated the children of the Care Centers in a way that invited visitors to connect with Show Hope’s work and resonate with their mission.

An iPad that shows the Show Hope website, which includes a Care Center building, photos of the children who live there, and text


Maria and The Care Centers' legacy was commemorated through digital story-telling.

"Show Hope's new Care Centers Legacy web presence is stunning. My family and I, along with the entire Show Hope staff, appreciate 5by5 and their efforts to capture our vision and further tell this amazingly sacred yet sorrowful story - of how "out of ashes beauty will rise." The 5by5 team has been extremely professional and their expertise has made this project even more exciting."

Mary Beth Chapman | Chairman of the Board

Show Hope

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