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Tennessee Titans Lockers with helmets hanging on the door

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are an NFL team based in Nashville, TN.

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For the fourth consecutive year, the Tennessee Titans’ leadership commissioned the 5by5 team to conduct market research regarding all aspects of fans’ game-day experience, with the ultimate goals of informing their strategies and plans to provide a more excellent experience and increase attendance.


We implemented a combined two-phase approach including quantitative (online survey) and qualitative (focus groups) research to target year-over-year improvements and growth. The results presentations provided specific recommendations based on the findings and the Process Improvement Matrix.


Optimize the fan experience through market research.

A preview of the Tennessee Titans' market research report showing a page from the project background section.



In 2018, we had the highest response rate ever with more than 4,000 surveys.


We delivered key insights and data for Titans leadership, validating areas of growth and identifying additional improvement recommendations to show fans they are heard and valued.

“It is critically important to us to understand the dynamics of the relationship between ourselves and our customer. And 5by5 does a fantastic job of helping us see that clearly and understand where we need to go moving forward.”

Stuart Spears | Senior Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer

Tennessee Titans

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