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1, 2, 3 Ways to Improve Tik Tok SEO

By Krissy Pleiman, Digital Marketing Manager

More and more I’ve noticed I’m turning to Tik Tok to search the questions on my mind. Will other moms have ideas for indoor activities for toddlers? What's the best drugstore mascara? Or how about how to hang this coat rack I asked my husband to put up three weeks ago? Instead of skipping through a Youtube vlog to get to the exact information I want, I can watch a 60 second Tik Tok. Much more digestible. This is especially true for users between 18 to 24. Over 40% of Gen Z turns to the video sharing app when searching for local recommendations. Their online behavior is totally different from what we’ve become accustomed to. 


Where most videos on Tik Tok aspire to go viral, content built for SEO will gain traction over time. So here are three simple steps to improve your SEO for Tik Tok.

1. Identify Your Keywords


The first step is to identify the keyword you want to rank for. Use the Tik Tok search bar to find hashtags relating to your keywords and find your product niche. Instead of singular high-volume keywords, look for long-tail keywords that are not overly saturated with competition, these will be easier to show up for.


For example, #Nashvillehotchicken (286.1M views) has half the competition of #hotchicken (402.4M views). Tik Tok’s creative center is another great source to discover new and trending hashtags.

TikTok Search Screen
2. Optimize Your Content for that Keyword
Best Nashville Hot Chicken


Your keyword should be present in all aspects of your Tik Tok! Use it in the title, description, hashtags, text and the words that you say! Optimize your description using search hooks such as how to, where to, five ways to, etc.


PRO TIP: Use auto generated captioning. Closed captioning and text on screen have a 55.7% lift in impression.


See how this verified content creator consistently uses his keyword, Hot Chicken, to improve the reach of his video.

3. Interact with your Audience


The last and most important step... listen and engage with your users by responding to and liking the comments on your video. Try to find questions you can answer with a video response. Look for ways to send users to your website and other social media platforms. Building a loyal fan base will increase the views of your videos and push you higher up the results page.


In this example, Starbucks likes and uniquely responds to almost every comment on their video. This will get users to return to the video. They are also more likely to engage in the future as they are now part of a conversation with the brand, plus other users, building a community.

TikTok Comments and Replies
In conclusion

Remember, a successful Tik Tok strategy does not mean viral fame, so don’t fret when your videos aren’t racking up views overnight. This type of strategy is to build strong search authority over time. 


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