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2023 Client Survey Results

By Jordan White, Chief Relationship Officer

As 2023 came to a close, we asked our clients for feedback.

Year after year we conduct market research for all kinds of organizations — delivering the data they need to understand their brand perception, competitive landscape and even their blind spots. And with this key intel on the table, we help them chart a path forward.

Practicing what we preach, we surveyed our Change Maker clients to assess how we’re serving them. And we’re so grateful for what they shared.

In fact, you’ll see new processes, new hires, and new expertise in 2024. As we use this feedback to dial in our client experience and continually improve the work we deliver, we can’t help but celebrate the wins, too.

"Your agency has taken the time to understand our work and mission as well as our needs. In addition, you have truly made it a point to build a partnership with us."

"Your team's professionalism, responsiveness, and thoroughness has been outstanding and much appreciated!"

"You have been highly responsive in providing advice and guidance on a variety of initiatives – from survey logic to email strategy. I feel like I can come to you with just about anything and receive knowledgeable feedback and input."

"This is the most cohesive marketing agency partnership I have ever been a part of in my years here (and there have been many!). We truly know you are working to make us better."

"I appreciate the vulnerability in the partnership to be able to challenge each other and have hard conversations. While those are difficult, they have always made our partnership stronger and the end results of our work better."

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Send a note to our VP of Business Development, Jenny Dwyer. We’ll help you explore the right market research project to get the data you need.


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