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About 5by5

5by5 was born from one simple but heartfelt belief: organizations driven by change deserve access to the right marketing strategies, tools and implementation to expand their impact and make a difference.


When you’re doing work that truly matters, you have a story that matters. We take the job of telling that story seriously. After all, clients like you are the reason we do what we do.


We know what it’s like to have a product, a service, a passion...but feel completely unable to cut through the noise.

You need comprehensive strategic planning that works. You need to know what your customer wants. You need photos and words that leap off the page. You need solutions that work. At 5by5, we deliver that and more because when you win, we all win.


Go ahead, drop us a line. It’s the first step toward radically transforming your brand, growing your organization and changing more lives. Let’s create something great together.


Learn more about our culture values here.

A 5by5 team photo in the office
Shannon Litton
Shannon Litton
President & Chief Executive Officer

Bringing experience from both technology and nonprofit management, Shannon Litton has worked with over 300 organizations on everything from rebranding to multilingual, multicultural marketing. Bottom line, she’s an industry expert in developing strategies that propel change down the street or around the world…and she makes it fun.

Prior to establishing 5by5, Shannon co-founded a successful marketing and technology agency, concepted and launched a SaaS product, worked in marketing for a technology leader in the education industry, provided marketing consulting to nonprofits engaged in multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns, and lived and worked in the Dominican Republic with an international organization. She understands the unique challenges facing today’s business leaders and how to help them break through the clutter in an already overcrowded marketplace.

Shannon regularly speaks on leadership, marketing, branding and business strategy. She has addressed a variety of audiences including NFL athletes, healthcare innovation professionals and business leaders, and spoken at Kingdom Advisors Conference, Ramsey Solutions’ Business Boutique and more. Today, she serves on the Advisory Council of the Christian Leadership Alliance, the Association of Business Professionals, and the board at Trevecca Nazarene University. Ask her about her favorite accomplishment, though, and she’ll proudly tell you that 5by5 has been named to the INC. 5000 list four years in a row. Today, she lives in Franklin, TN with her husband and five children, two of whom are adopted from Ethiopia.


Mike Schatz
Mike Schatz
Chief Relationship Officer

With decades of deep marketing experience and connections in music, publishing, entertainment, sports, nonprofits, and startups, Mike brings a winning combination of strategy, passion and leadership to 5by5. Mike has launched hundreds of products and brands, many of which became national bestsellers and high-charting records.

Prior to 5by5, Mike served as Chief Marketing Officer at School of the Legends, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing at Multnomah Publishers, and Executive Vice President of Pamplin Music and Entertainment, among others. Perhaps Mike’s greatest musical achievement, though, is his award-winning college lip sync band. Before Jimmy Fallon made it cool, Surf Punks was truly defining the genre.

Today, as Chief Relationship Officer and a founding partner of 5by5, Mike brings a valuable perspective to the agency, given his deep insight into a broad range of industries. His leadership in understanding client needs and staying results-oriented is invaluable. In addition, Mike also occasionally provides the team with his mom’s famous enchiladas, which further cements his status as an indispensable member of the team.


Josh Miller
Josh Miller
Chief Product Officer

Digital by trade, Josh has had his hand in more than 100 projects over the past 10 years. He’s led the tech team at one of the southeast’s largest digital agencies, designed beautiful mobile apps and launched multilingual websites across a huge range of industries. He gets excited about aligning digital strategies with business goals, then seeing amazing results. He also gets excited, maybe a little too excited, about really good coffee.

Above all, Josh embraces the variety of his job. Getting to work with a wide range of clients on many different kinds of projects make coming into the office a new experience almost every day. Josh’s passion for pursuing different experiences has been evident his whole life, from roofing houses in East Nashville to managing 20,000 chickens back in high school, by far his biggest team to date.


Aaron Crum
Aaron Crum
Chief Operating Officer

Aaron is a former CPA, an organizational expert, handling our internal operations with speed, accuracy, and gusto - all to make sure we are operating as efficiently as possible.

Like many financial experts, Aaron is cold, calculating and ruthless. Just kidding, unless it comes to sports! He is a big Survivor fan and he hosts a Disney Podcast, Master the Mouse (go subscribe!). Aaron is exactly the kind of person we love here at 5by5 and his hard work keeps the ship running smoothly and forward.

Derrick Hoog
Derrick Hoog
Vice President of Strategy

Don’t be intimidated by Derrick’s magnificent beard, he’s actually an incredibly nice guy. He’s a man of many talents, including dissecting existing strategies into their simplest form, then reengineering them to work smarter and deliver better results. He does this by identifying all of the potential pathways that could lead toward our client’s goals and then creating strategic recommendations on which ones to pursue. Derrick is equal parts cartographer and guide - laying out the best possible route to your destination and then taking you there.

Derrick’s desire to map out larger-than-life journeys extends beyond the walls of 5by5, as he once took a 3-week road trip in a well-worn Jeep from Nashville to Maine, down the coast and back again. He’s also our resident Mr. Fix-It; he can repair just about anything. Needless to say, he’s the kind of guy who is always seeking to face and overcome the next challenge, an attitude he brings to every client he works with.

Jenny Dwyer
Jenny Dwyer
Vice President of Business Development

The title’s nice, but Jenny’s way more than new biz. She’s managed large accounts, dominated social networks, and helped close business for some of the largest agencies in Nashville. Her competitive streak runs deep, too - she was swimming in state championships back in her high school days. She strives to win, which has always been good news for us and our clients.

Here at 5by5, she loves working with Change Makers to improve their bottom line and empower them to do more good. But, ask her what professional accomplishment she’s most proud of and she’ll tell you she helped grow a marketing agency that’s been twice-named on INC’s “Fastest Growing Companies” list. (Hey! That’s us!)

Mark McPeak
Mark McPeak
Vice President of Research

With over 25 years of experience in market research and as a nonprofit executive, Mark is a go-to research expert. He opened and led the Nashville office of one of the 50 largest marketing research agencies in the world and was later in charge of all of the stateside operations for a global nonprofit.

Over those years, Mark honed his ability to see the data, understand the data and then look beyond the data. In other words, Mark is the wise sage who helps our intrepid customers fully understand their customers, employees, prospects and effectiveness of their current work - all in pursuit of wild success and exponential growth. He has provided insights and recommendations that affected real change for organizations such as the Tennessee Titans, Duracell, Gideons International and Zillow. Unfortunately, his most coveted position as a Family Feud survey writer evades him to this day. At least he’s bilingual. Maybe there’s a Spanish version?

Jordan White
Jordan White
Vice President Client Director

As Vice President Client Director at 5by5, A Change Agency, Jordan and his team help Change Maker organizations clarify their messages and get results. His marketing expertise leans heavily on the ability to break down complicated messaging and challenges into actionable, audience-centric campaigns that drive conversions. At its core, marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right people and there's something wonderful about that simplicity.

Bob Hutchins
Bob Hutchins
Vice President of Digital Marketing

With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Bob empowers 5by5 to expand its reach and broaden the services it provides to change makers across the world. As founder/former CEO of digital marketing agency The Buzzplant, he pioneered digital marketing for the music industry and eventually went on to make a significant impact in the movie and faith-based media markets by spearheading online campaigns for The Passion of the Christ, the Chronicles of Narnia and lots of other great films.

After working with notable clients, including Disney, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Time-Life, Warner Brothers, General Motors, Thomas Nelson Publishers and Zondervan — Bob's excited to use his expertise to help equip change makers to do more good.

Bob loves to write, teach, and communicate about the intersection of digital media, culture, psychology, and a restorative worldview.

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