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Mark McPeak

Vice President of Market Research

Mark has over 30 years of experience leading market research projects with organizations across a wide array of industries. He began his market research career working with world’s largest automotive corporations in the Detroit area. He went on to open and operate a regional office for one of the nation’s largest research companies. Mark also has executive experience leading an international organization operating in over 30 countries, bringing a unique global perspective to the work he now does for our change maker clients.

In addition to his Masters in management, Mark has developed hands-on expertise in business and organizational strategy contributing invaluable insights to our strategic process. At 5by5, we often say excellent marketing is the intersection of art and science. Mark and his team bring the science, with a deep understanding of how research findings can clarify the strategic trajectory for an organization eager to foster a loyal audience base and break through the clutter of competition.

Mark’s client experience includes Duracell, The Tennessee Titans, Amazon, Zillow, Connected Caregiver, Williamson Medical Center and more.

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