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Consumerism in Healthcare: The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

By Shannon Litton, President & CEO

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One of the most obvious areas of change since 2020 has been the workforce. No matter how long execs fight to put employees back in desk seats next to each other, it will be a struggle to ever return to the way things were. Experiences changed, expectations changed and an entire workforce is forever changed. 

Another massive change happened in healthcare. We, the consumers, became more knowledgeable. Terms such as “coronavirus,” “PPE,” “self-isolation,” and “PCR testing” became common street language.

A Whole New World of Healthcare

We embraced technology and found a reliable, easy way to access health professionals — hello, telehealth. We tested ourselves for a virus in the comfort of our own home. We discovered that we can have more control and convenience in our healthcare experiences.

And just like with remote work, our healthcare experiences changed our expectations. Health consumers are now asking, “Why do I have to test for that virus at your clinic when I know I can test for Covid at home?” and “Tell me again, why do I have to sit in your waiting room for 30 minutes with other patients who are clearly ill?”

Maybe most importantly, we became empowered. When we were confused, we decided to research for ourselves. We googled and discussed and read and listened to podcasts. We decided to no longer sit on the sidelines of our own lives.

Do you think any doctor ever wished for their patients to take better care of themselves? Well in a lot of ways we are now more option-aware and hands on than ever before. We want to be the masters of our own fate. Poof! Healthcare is forever changed.

New Horizons to Pursue

Patients are now customers. And customers know they can shop around, they can compare and they can make their own choices. Innovative companies see the opportunity to support healthcare consumers in this new reality. We’ve come so far and we can’t go back to where we used to be. As a healthcare leader, you must decide if you are coming along for the ride or if you will get left behind.


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