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5 Questions With The New 5er: Lauren

Lauren's Headshot

Meet our newest Client Manager, Lauren!

Learn about Lauren's background, what drew her to 5by5, what she's learning and what's inspiring her.

What were you doing before this?

I worked for a non-profit addiction center for women as the marketing and communications coordinator.

What drew you to 5by5?

I wanted to work at an agency and have a change of pace with a new set of challenges. However, I still wanted that sense of fulfillment that comes with working for a mission-oriented organization. 5by5 is selective about which clients they work with so it ended up being a good fit all around.

What’s one thing we would not guess about childhood Lauren?

I was a super picky eater and sneaky about getting rid of my vegetables for many, many years of my life.

What’s one thing you are trying to learn right now?

I am learning embroidery. I love making homemade gifts so I learned enough to make some things for my family for Christmas. Now I’m working on bookmarks and with felt and getting away from flowers which are the most forgiving. Straight lines are very hard so it’s a fun challenge.

Who is a change maker that is inspiring you right now?

We The Urban - it's an Instagram account and a Change Maker I enjoy following. They are promoting self-love and uplifting marginalized voices. I appreciate the ways they are inspiring small and large change for individuals and communities.


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