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Email Marketing

Never underestimate email marketing. New channels and platforms pop up all the time, but email is still one of the best tools for communicating directly with your audience. Smart businesses use email to offer value, deepen customer engagement and keep their brand top-of-mind.

Building a strong list

Understandably, people are becoming more aware of their digital footprint and protective of their privacy, so organizations are running into more limitations when it comes to how they can target audiences. It’s one of the many reasons why first-party data like email lists are becoming increasingly important in the changing digital world. 

We specialize in creating compelling lead generators like infographics, white papers, guides, quizzes and more to build a list that can be used to grow your business far into the future, regardless of what Facebook or Google decides to do.

Content that converts

Once we build up a quality email list, the question typically asked is, “What should our emails say?” 

As marketers, we don’t do anything without establishing a strong strategy first. An effective email marketing plan is rooted in a content strategy that provides your audience with helpful, informative and compelling content on a regular basis. 

Email testing & optimization

You have a strong list. You have quality content. Now you have to deliver it effectively. We methodically test and improve our email series to maximize every opportunity to engage with your audience. Optimizing headlines, preview text, design, and copy can have a dramatic effect on how people view — and respond to — you showing up in their inbox.

Automation by audience

Everyone who interacts with your brand has their own perspective and past experience with you (or lack thereof). Communicating with a potential customer that completed a lead-generation quiz is completely different than remarketing to a past customer who hasn’t bought from you in a while. Keeping these perspectives in mind is crucial to success with email marketing.

We segment our audiences based on these characteristics and experiences, then build email series that make sense for them. It gives you the ability to provide relevant content and offers to each group and therefore increases conversion rates.

Healthcare email marketing

When it comes to email marketing for healthcare organizations, the rules are different. Healthcare marketing teams need a partner like us who understands the most effective strategies while also staying within the appropriate limits of HIPAA and patient privacy. 

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