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Featured Change Maker – CeCe Winans

You know CeCe Winans. With 12 Grammys, 23 Dove Awards, 15 Stellar Awards and the distinction of being the best-selling gospel artist of all time, she’s a certified music industry legend. Her ability to match soaring vocal performances with a soft, intimate and even vulnerable delivery — sometimes in the same song — can leave an audience breathless. But that’s not the only thing that makes her a change maker.

What makes CeCe a change maker is her heart for people and her willingness to go out of her way to help them. Not content to simply donate to good causes and help from afar, she has made it a point throughout her career to go where God has called her. Sometimes, that means visiting the Nashville Rescue Mission to minister to the residents. Other times, it has meant traveling to Ethiopia with World Vision to see first hand the important work that is being done for the children there. These days, it has meant fully investing herself in the work that is being done at Nashville Life Church.


Nashville Life Church is led by Cece and her husband, Alvin Love, with both of their children deeply involved with the ministry and programs that go on there.  In fact, her son Alvin Love III can usually be found speaking from the pulpit on Sundays and leading small groups. It is the best kind of family affair. While 2020 has derailed outreach and mission plans for pretty much everyone, the team at Nashville Life Church continues to invest in the people of their city in whatever way they can. One of the ways they continue to minister in a time of quarantine and pandemics is through a weekly prayer hotline that anyone can call into and participate in. Whether it has been on the stage or in life, CeCe has always excelled at meeting the moment. 


Staying busy with the church hasn’t kept CeCe away from the microphone, though. This year she released Never Lost, a stunningly beautiful song where CeCe celebrates being able to lean on a God who is always victorious. It is the perfect anthem for a year in which everyone has had to fight a battle of some kind. 


You can listen to CeCe’s newest song, Never Lost here, or wherever you listen to music.


You can join in a Nashville Life Church service with their online service at 10:30 am on Sundays. Or, if you’re in the Nashville area, you can visit for in-person services at 2 pm. 


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