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Amazima Ministries

Founded in 2008 by New York Times best-selling author Katie Davis Majors, Amazima Ministries serves communities in and around Jinja, Uganda by providing education for children and youth, and medical care, vocational training, and discipleship for women, children, and families.

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Background & Objectives

In 2016, the 5by5 Research team conducted a Partner Assessment Study with Amazima Ministries. Amazima, working in Uganda since 2006, has experienced explosive growth and impact. Through a variety of powerful ministries that are changing lives, and through passionate donors working alongside them, Amazima has rapidly expanded.


In the 2016 work, the research team was addressing the question of how to present the ministry in a period of transition. The ministry had grown explosively in response to the amazing founder and the organization’s founding story.


The leadership team needed to understand all these new partners — why they gave, what was important to them, what communications were needed and how to effectively move forward. 5by5 Research conducted a large quantitative partner study and reported the results.

Project & Methodology

Three years later, Amazima leaders returned to 5by5 to say the earlier work had been very effective and the ministry had since grown significantly. The team wanted to conduct a similar study again to track progress and to reconfirm and recalibrate member perceptions.


In 2019, the 5by5 Research team conducted another large quantitative partner study. The 2019 project provided updated partner responses for many of the same attributes that were tested in 2016. The new study also included additional questions to understand Amazima’s new ministries and initiatives. This tracking proved invaluable as a way to validate or readjust what the team had been doing in the areas of communication, commerce and partner relationship management.


The Amazima relationship is an example of the 5by5 Research team’s work with many return clients who value process improvement research involving:

  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) — measures most critical to the organizational success
  • Establishment of baseline measures in an initial study
  • Benchmarks tracked and measured at them at intervals over time (importance-performance analysis serves as the basis for making resource allocation decisions)

“When we were introduced to 5by5, we were not looking for a marketing agency, we were looking for a partner who shared our values and vision. We found that in 5by5.”

Doug Martin | Managing Director

Amazima Ministries

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