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A close-up of Curt Thompson standing on stage with a microphone looking out into the audience

Curt Thompson, MD

Curt Thompson, MD, is a psychiatrist, author, and speaker who shares fresh insights and practical applications for developing more authentic relationships and fully experiencing our deepest longing: to be known.


Curt Thompson is a board-certified psychiatrist and the founder of the Center for Being Known, a nonprofit organization that develops resources to educate and train leaders on the intersection between interpersonal neurobiology and Christian spiritual formation.  


Dr. Thompson came to 5by5 with an interesting challenge: he wanted to create a website that got people offline.  Here at 5by5, this was a new one for us.



Create a web site that moved people offline and into experiencing the real world. We also wanted to leverage the new site to increase Dr. Thompson’s speaking opportunities and book sales.

A mock-up of Curt Thompson's website displayed on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone


Strategy First

As a strategy-first agency, we began with a deep dive into the strategic foundation of Curt's brand as an author, speaker and mental health provider. The resulting brand identity work informed the overall design and user experience objectives of the new web site.

Beautiful Meditations

To encourage users to experience life offline, we collaborated with Curt to build a Reflections section of the site, which offers resources and guided meditations on art, music or scripture based on the user’s emotions or moods.

Award-Winning Design

Our design for Dr. Thompson's site was recognized and featured by, which curates beautiful websites from around the internet.

"Part of what it means for us to be effective as mental health providers is that we help human beings tell their stories more truly. When you tell your story more truly, the more it's going to point to the way the world is really meant to be. In many respects, that's exactly what 5by5 has done for us."

Curt Thompson, MD | Psychiatrist, Author and Speaker

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