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Three young girls in colorful clothing hugging and smiling.

Ethiopia Act

Ethiopia ACT is a gospel-centered nonprofit, serving the most vulnerable communities of Addis Abada, Ethiopia through public health, education, and economic development solutions.

Ethiopia Act logo with orange, green and blue icon.


Ethiopia ACT came to 5by5 because they didn’t feel like their website was accurately representing their work or inspiring others to join them in their cause.


Create a site that conveys Ethiopia ACT’s mission, shows the impact they are having and inspires an increase in donations.

Screen grab from the Ethiopia Act website shown on a MacBook. Restoring health and hope, impacting lives, creating change.


Beautiful site

We create a website that not only looked great, but guided users through the story of Ethopia ACT

More Stories

Ethiopia ACT has some wonderful stories of change that were going untold. We incorporated these inspiring moments throughout the site

Showcased Impact

Wherever possible, we highlighted statistics to show the practical, real-world impact that Ethiopia ACT was having on the people of Addis Abada.

"It felt like 5by5 really captured the vision and got on board with what we were doing, and that was the motivation to not just make a happy client, but to really see our organization thrive."

Kayla Dean | Director of Donor Engagement

Ethiopia Act

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