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A photo of Heather Land smiling in a black blouse.

Heather Land Tour

Heather Land is a comedian, writer and singer who exploded to fame in 2017 after her “i ain’t doin it” videos went viral, bringing laughter to millions of followers.


In partnership with Heather’s team, 5by5 developed a strategy to promote the tour, produced a promotional sizzle video and created the landing page with event details and email capture for list building.


We also designed a logo with custom hand lettering as well as incorporated photography and more to enhance her visual brand and resonate with her audience.


We then launched digital campaigns to drive traffic, ticket and merchandise sales.

A mock-up of Heather Land's tour landing page, showing upcoming dates and how to get early access


Identify and analyze audience, sell live event tickets and merchandise. 

A poster for the Heather Land Tour, I ain't doin it, and a photo on Heather holding a phone showcasing one of her videos.


  • TICKET SALES :: 80,000 Tickets sold
  • ROI :: 10:1 Return on overall ad spend

  • LIST GROWTH :: Email list grew by multiple thousands for ongoing communication and promotion

"Heather Land really became a viral sensation overnight. We needed a team to get her tour marketing up and running in a matter of weeks. 5by5 took that challenge on, built a website, analyzed her audience and sold 80,000 tickets for her first tour."

Amy Chandy | President

The Chandy Group

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