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Medi-Share is a health-sharing ministry competing with some of the largest insurance providers in the world to provide peace of mind to businesses and end-customers looking for the right coverage.

Medi-Share logo with the tagline "Affordable, Biblical Healthcare"


Medi-Share came to 5by5 seeking to strengthen their brand and overall positioning in the health-sharing marketplace.


5by5 conducted a deep, competitive study to include secret shopping of over 10 comparable offers to establish the foundation for an informed content strategy. From this, we directed content optimizations to clearly educate the customer on the overall health sharing marketplace while conveying why Medi-Share is the leader and the right solution.


We also provided an influencer strategy to inform how they could best leverage strategic partnerships to garner greater brand awareness and conversion for the product.


Equip the Medi-Share team with a substantive brand strategy to support its mission, differentiate itself in the marketplace and create a principled foundation for all current and envisioned initiatives

An open-booklet mock-up for Christian Care Ministries
Two graphs showing a Clarity Score of 2.8 and a Reach Score of 3


  • Deep audit and competitor review
  • Optimized content strategy positioned to educate, disrupt and convert
  • Influencer strategy to increase awareness and reach

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