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Opis Senior Services

Opis Senior Services' long-term care, post-acute & comprehensive rehabilitation services & centers offer healing, hope & uplifting quality of life to seniors in Florida.

Opis Senior Services Group with tagline Florida's Leading Senior Care Provider


With a clarity-first approach, 5by5 guided Opis in strengthening their visual and verbal identity and developing a customer-centric content strategy to distinguish their value promise in the marketplace. From there, 5by5 developed strategies to increase discovery and guide prospective audiences toward key conversions for the business.

Opis Senior Services Group Strategic Marketing Plan booklet mock-up


  • Brand and strategy formation to create clarity of who Opis is, why the organization exists, and what makes it unique in the marketplace.
  • The foundation to communicate their story effectively to target audiences in the region
Three folder shirts in orange and white that say "We are gold"
Print and digital marketing collateral mock-ups for Orvis Senior Services Group


  • A clear and effective path to clearly communicate Opis' value and purpose
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Enhanced social and digital marketing strategies

"This was exactly what we needed to give us a strategic plan to move us forward into another phase of Opis. There have been times I have invested in a consultation that I felt was not a good steward of our resources but this was definitely a solid investment and will pay in dividends for Opis long term."

Marilyn Wood | CEO

Opis Senior Services

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