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A group of young boys and girls from a developing country looking into the camera as they stand on a dirt road

Rise + Shine

Rise + Shine is a ministry working alongside Indian nationals to bring hope to children in orphanages and marginalized people in leprosy colonies.

Rise + Shine Logo


When Rise + Shine came to 5by5, their name was India 4 Jesus. As their name implied, all of their work incorporates sharing the Gospel with children. However, increasingly aggressive actions from the local government forced them to a critical decision point. In order to continue their work and fulfill their mission, they would need to adopt a public-facing name that provided a greater degree of covertness.


At the same time, while the organization’s work spoke volumes about the commitment to the people of India, they effectively had no brand strategy or content strategy to guide stateside communications. 

An example of a printed Brand Clarity plan designed for Rise+Shine


What India 4 Jesus needed was the ability to preserve a level of missional-anonymity to protect those they serve in-country while clearly conveying its purpose and perspective stateside to engage donors with a compelling brand promise.

An example of four slides from a Brand Messaging presentation. Shown is the title slide, two Key Messages slides, and the Brand Promises slide.
On the left is an icon of a male with a description of his persona, Large Donor, below. On the right is an icon of a female with a description of her persona, Small Donor, below.
A color wheel with logos placed around it based on the brand's choice of colors. Three color palette options are presented on the right.


The 5by5 team built a brand identity for Rise + Shine that is rooted in the Great Commission, engages donors with compelling vision, yet is able to operate within India’s cultural context with a name that would not induce prohibitive levels of government interference.


Their name became Rise + Shine which represents their brand promise to help vulnerable people groups in India transcend their circumstances and caste system status to become agents of change in their communities


Additionally, 5by5 equipped Rise + Shine with brand strategy, a core messaging platform to guide future content development and audience personas to more deeply related to various audience segments. We also defined the most compelling key messages to leverage for each audience, including major donors and general file donors.

“5by5 was not only a strategic partner that brought our vision to life, but they executed swiftly and with integrity. They handled the project as if it was their own organization.” 

Jordan Cranfield | CEO / Founder

Rise + Shine

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