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StoryBrand is an organization that helps businesses grow by utilizing a revolutionary messaging framework to tell a clear and compelling story.

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Background & Objectives

StoryBrand has reformulated the thinking of thousands of marketers. By showing leaders how to simplify and clarify their messaging, they have helped to transform many businesses and organizations.


In 2018, StoryBrand leaders came to 5by5 seeking help in understanding their own customers and prospects. Although the company was growing exponentially, they still had questions about why some customers buy and why others don’t. Market research is good at answering questions like this.

Project & Methodology

The 5by5 research team conducted extensive quantitative research with thousands of StoryBrand customers and prospects.


The primary objective was to understand what customers value and specifically what influences some companies to take the next step from appreciating what StoryBrand has to offer and consuming content to actually investing and becoming a customer.

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Results & Outcomes

As a result of the research, the StoryBrand leadership team gained a much better understanding of the decision-making process and what stimuli were most likely to create conversion.


The research findings also helped the StoryBrand leadership team understand the extent to which their model has had an impact on their customers.


The research findings validated the StoryBrand model — when customer business/organizations use the StoryBrand framework it creates success. The research findings validate that StoryBrand has had a dramatic impact on growing the sales and profitability of customers as well as other important business measures.


Ultimately, the data produced by the research findings empowered the StoryBrand organization with a better understanding of their customer and enabled them to make some key adjustments to their various offerings in order to better serve them.

"What the data that 5by5 gave us was tangible things that we could change, both on our website, in our sales calls, even the way we taught our workshops. That gave us the tools to make changes in our company."

Dr. J.J. Peterson | Chief of Teaching and Facilitation


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