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Lots of customers and prospects may have time on their hands, why not reach out to them to set up your future success?

Not only is the country struggling with the uncertainty of a global pandemic, in Middle Tennessee, we’re also cleaning up from the worst tornados we’ve seen decades that left a path of destruction and death in their wake just a week ago. Things are surreal – like never before. It seems the default emotional response is to be very worried. Panicked, even.

We’re being proactive here at 5by5 – washing, disinfecting, sanitizing and appropriately keeping our distance. We’re trying to respond sensibly rather than react hysterically. Managing what we can control is helping to reduce the panic. We know the sun will come out again and we’re preparing for that with an energy equal to our crisis management. You should too – by identifying the things you still can do rather than worrying about what you can’t.

Believe it or not, this is a pretty good time to do some kinds of business. Many people are “staying in” around the globe. This includes your customers (B2B and B2C) and prospects (including competitors’ customers) who are self-quarantined and working from home or just on an unanticipated pause. Some will have an unusual amount of time on their hands. Maybe this is happening because their business has been impacted by the crisis or their job just can’t be done remotely. For those who can work – without a commute, interruptions, office conversations and other workplace distractions – they have more bandwidth.

This is a great time to do the market research you may have been putting off. Most of the work we do happens digitally. From proposal to initial video chat meetings, to problem definition, to fieldwork to reporting – it can all happen without the need for any in-person gatherings. Quantitative surveys are delivered digitally and even our qualitative projects are most often conducted online. In addition to thousands of surveys, the 5by5 research team conducted in excess of 200 focus groups and formal in-depth interviews in 2019, more than 90% of which were digital and did not require any alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer or social distancing.

Conducting market research and capturing valid data in this specific moment may be the smartest thing you can do to strategically position your organization for success in the next business cycle. What do you need to be ready?

  • Brand evaluation and awareness
  • Prospect and customer or member wants and needs definition
  • Customer or member satisfaction
  • Customer or member journey definition
  • Customer or fan experience evaluation (game/event, etc.)
  • New product or initiative guidance (using Design Thinking or other models)
  • Custom panel build to provide ongoing input

These are just some of the ways the 5by5 research team has helped our many clients.

As a team of Change Makers serving other Change Makers, we’re currently offering limited-time discounts to help where we can during these uncertain times.

Reach out to us to discuss ways you can turn the uncertainty into preparation for success moving forward.

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