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Meet Our Clients: Serving a World in Crisis

As the world changes before our eyes, it’s no surprise to see our clients stepping up to serve during the COVID-19 crisis. At 5by5, we have the honor of serving Change Makers—people and organizations doing work where life change happens.

Our clients are constantly inspiring us with no exception during these difficult and uncertain times. These are just a few of the clients who are meeting a wide variety of needs, locally and globally, in important ways. We’re so grateful for the incredible work they do.


World Relief

World Relief’s mission is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable. As quarantining inhibits their usual programming, they’re finding new ways to reach those in need:

  • Continuing essential programs such as health and nutrition assistance internationally, as well as housing and employment support for immigrants in the United States. 
  • Ensuring vulnerable groups are getting accurate health information in their native language
  • Developing new technologies to disseminate messaging, from hygiene lessons on handwashing that can be shared via SMS in developing countries, to virtual legal assistance programs for those on the road to citizenship or seeking asylum in the U.S.
  • Pre-funding the worst centers of impact where the novel coronavirus is likely to have the most devastating effects due to poor infrastructure


Amplify Media

Amplify Media is a streaming service allowing churches large and small unlimited video access in order to discover, customize, and share diverse resources that encourage deeper discipleship and equip churches to pursue their mission with greater impact.

During the pandemic, Amplify is offering free resources for churches who can’t gather. This free, streamed content enables adult and children’s ministries to continue engaging with Scripture and each other, no matter their location.



REFIT believes finding a positive workout shouldn’t be a negative experience. They offer a fitness experience that fits everybody through in-person classes and online, on-demand workouts. During the pandemic, REFIT is offering free 30-day access to their online (live and recorded) workouts—so you can maintain your health and stay at home.


WIN Warehouse

WIN Warehouse connects nonprofits with excess inventory from corporations at a greatly discounted rate, allowing nonprofits to do more good with the resources their donors have generously given them. 

During the crisis, WIN is still allowing goods and products to be picked up by appointment, or as always, they’ll arrange shipping. At the time of writing, WIN has important items available, such as:

  • Disposable lab coats
  • Scrubs
  • Antiseptic and first aid supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Wheel chairs
  • Head covers
  • And more

Know of other Change Makers making a difference today? Send them to us at [email protected]!

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