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Qualitative Research

Statistically valid truths about your audience that empower more strategic business decisions

Uncover insights that change everything.

Quantitative research is primarily “survey research,” also known as “opinion research.” That means gathering statistically valid and reliable data from your target audience about their beliefs, behaviors, opinions and more as it relates to your brand. We do this primarily through surveys sent to a random sample that properly represents your target audience.

It may sound scientific, but it’s also an art form. We must create clear, concise and complete questions to limit bias and get to the heart of what drives your audience to engage (or not engage) with your brand. We also ensure the questions we ask will get us the data we need to inform your specific business goals.

Make the right assumptions.

We’ve worked with several clients who thought they knew what their audience wanted and believed, but market research later showed they were way off. This can be especially true in qualitative research. 

You may know your audience is buying (or not buying), but you don’t know what leads them to say yes or no. You may know they are unhappy, but the reasons may be completely different than you think. Qualitative research gives you the rare opportunity to get inside the mind of your target audience and adjust accordingly.

Get the whole picture with data and deep-dives.

Quantitative research certainly has immense value on its own, but combined with qualitative research, it’s a game changer. Qualitative research goes deeper with a smaller group of people using in-depth interviews, focus groups and more to determine the underlying feelings, motivation and perceptions that affect their decision-making. 

Together with the data from quantitative research, you get a complete, nuanced picture of who your audience is, uncovering new opportunities for your brand to win.

Receive carefully crafted research rooted in decades of experience.

We’ve worked with several clients who thought they understood what their audience wanted, but market research later showed they were way off. By investing in research, you often discover insights you didn’t even know to ask about – insights that turn into major opportunities for growth. 

As market research experts, 5by5 works diligently to gather a rich harvest of scalable, accurate information relevant to your business goals. In addition to providing our key findings in an easily digestible format, we provide specific, actionable recommendations that can make a major difference in your organization’s success moving forward.

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