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Touchdowns in Market Research and Audience Insights

One of our core services at 5by5 is Market Research. Our research team regularly conducts market research to inform and support our clients as they make critical business decisions. The intelligence gathered through research gives our clients insight into the true needs of their audience, and gives them confidence and certainty to innovate their business based on real customer perceptions.

In September 2015, the Tennessee Titans leadership commissioned 5by5 Agency to conduct market research and assess all aspects of their fans’ game day experience. The intended purpose was to identify — and in some cases confirm — needed improvements. The ultimate purpose of the research was to help the Titans develop strategies and plans to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To provide a more excellent game day experience for fans
  • To increase average attendance on home game days
  • To increase the average number of games season ticket holders attend
  • To grow the number of season ticket holders overall by increasing retention season to season and by adding new members
  • To identify important messaging points for communications and marketing to strengthen the Titans brand, the image of Nissan Stadium and the perception of the game day experience
  • To help the Titans be more effective by providing intelligence and insights they can leverage in contact with current, at-risk and potential season ticket holders

The market research team at 5by5 deployed a combined two-phase approach including quantitative (online survey) and qualitative (focus groups) research. The 2015 study established baselines against which changes and improvements could be measured. In that first year, the Process Improvement Matrix was introduced as the construct for targeting year-over-year improvements and growth. Pinpointing areas of high importance and low performance allows the leadership to target resources and efforts where they will have the most impact.

The Titans research project has been conducted four consecutive years and remains ongoing. Each year beginning with 2015, specific recommendations have been offered in many areas arising directly from the research findings. The importance/performance gaps derived from fan ratings have been the primary basis of most of these recommendations. The suggestions have included, but have not been limited to:

  • Improving the overall game day experience
  • Addressing customer service challenges
  • Demonstrating and communicating the future of the team to Nashville
  • Rightly positioning team leadership and personnel
  • Establishing more effective strategies and standards for fan engagement and appreciation

In the time between our first study in 2015 and our fourth, conducted during the 2018 season, the Titans have made significant changes and improvements, many of which were based on research findings and recommendations of 5by5. As part of the Titans’ ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, each year’s study includes year-over-year and trend measurements, starting with the baselines established in 2015.

In many cases, these efforts have resulted in dramatic improvements and helped identify areas still needing attention. This research-based approach to process improvement is proving to be very valuable to the Titans’ leadership.

It is critically important to us to understand the dynamics of the relationship between ourselves and our customer. And 5by5 does a fantastic job of helping us see that clearly and understand where we need to go with our customers. Stuart Spears, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for the Tennessee Titans.

Now entering our fifth year of partnership, our work with the Titans is just one of many examples of the power of ongoing market research to equip change makers with the insights needed to make needle-moving decisions.

At 5by5, we work hard to equip our clients with the strategy, tools and implementation that maximize their metrics and mission. If you’re interested in exploring what the power of market research could do for your organization, we’d love to talk!

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