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What is a Change Maker?

When 5by5 began, we knew we wanted to do work that matters. We wanted our efforts and expertise to be put to use doing something that truly makes a difference in others’ lives. But how do you define that work?

Certainly, organizations like nonprofits and ministries are doing life-changing work, but just because it’s not a 501c(3) doesn’t mean a company isn’t making an impact. We knew the clients we wanted to serve share a similar heartbeat, no matter how they accomplish it. They all want to leave the world a little better than they found it. That’s why we call them “Change Makers.”

We define a “Change Maker” as a company — or person — who works where life change happens. They care about more than just the bottom line, and they desire to impact others for good. That’s who 5by5 serves.

Our clients range in industry from nonprofits and ministries to sports organizations, healthcare companies to for-profit-for-good, and event those in the events and entertainment space — but they all share the same passion for creating positive change.

No matter how much our agency grows, we will always remain committed to serving Change Makers and impacting the world around us. That’s what gets us up in the morning and allows us to go to bed at night knowing we’ve done our best.

If that resonates with you and you know you’re a Change Maker, we’d love to work with you and help you do more good! We work hard to remember our clients impact lives we may never know, and are humbled to be a small part of these stories.

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