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What You Have in Common with NFL Superstars

We get to work with a lot of really cool organizations here at 5by5, and one of our favorite relationships we’ve built is with the NFL Players Association. The NFLPA is a union that protects the rights of players and promotes them both on and off the field. It’s an amazing organization that is especially valuable for incoming rookies, kids straight out of college who now have more money and influence than they’ve ever had in their lives.

A few years ago, we were fortunate enough to host 30 NFL draft prospects at the 5by5 office for a Brand Awareness workshop to help prepare them to navigate sponsorship offers, handle their platform responsibly, and most importantly, prepare for their moment.

Back when he played for the Giants, Odell Beckham Jr. proved how important it was to be prepared for a moment when he made a mind-blowing catch, so impossible that it captured the imagination of fans everywhere. Not since the Air Jordan dunk has there been a more recognizable silhouette in sports. After that catch, Beckham’s social media presence skyrocketed past another NFL figure you may be familiar with, Tom Brady. He took full advantage of his moment.

So, what does that have to do with you?

Personal brands are emerging out of organizational brands

Today, we are more connected than ever. Social media invites us to share our lives with the world around us, and people love to get a look into the lives of celebrities and leaders they admire. This opens up an opportunity for thought leaders to step out from their organizations and build a brand based on their own expertise and personality.

Anyone can have a brand, and if you are a leader of any kind you already have a head start. However, just as those rookies need to do the right things before they play their first snap, you need to set yourself up for success.

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” – Abraham Lincoln

Preparation is everything

When our Chief Relationship Officer, Mike Schatz, spoke to the incoming rookies, he gave a presentation called Leveraging Your Moment to help the young athletes consider what they needed to do to take advantage of their new platform. Not coincidentally, everything in that presentation also applies to leaders seeking to build a personal brand.

These principles are easy to understand, but nailing all of them isn’t easy. Still, these are non-negotiables when it comes to building a successful personal brand. If you are inauthentic or are speaking outside your expertise, people will know.

Special moments aren’t limited to world-class athletes

Becoming a thought leader in an area you are invested in is one of the most rewarding journeys you can take. When done right, you are recognized as an expert in your field and have a strong network of interesting, capable people built up around you. And, along the way, you’ll be met with unique moments that you can leverage to do something special. Some of these moments are spontaneous, while others you can create yourself. These moments have the potential to change your career trajectory if you are prepared. Opportunity is a rocket — preparation is its fuel.

We’re here to help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar in your industry or simply considering leveraging your expertise into a personal brand; we can help take you to the next level. Get in touch with us today and see how we can work together to make some moments.

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