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5 Questions With The New 5er: Patrick McLendon

Patrick McLendon

Meet our Director of Optimization, Patrick McLendon!

He may look familiar. Patrick was part of our team from 2017 to 2020 and never really left. In January of 2022, he officially came back onboard in a new role. Learn more about that and some other fun Patrick facts below!

What were you doing before this?

I've previously served on both the strategy team and digital team here at 5by5. Most recently, I was a conversion rate specialist for a national financial brand, working on a suite of consumer products and membership offerings.

What drew you to 5by5?

The dynamic environment, incredible culture and caliber of team brought me back to 5by5.

What’s one thing we would not guess about childhood Patrick?

I was a super meticulous kid, intensely clean and organized. I’ve loosened up a bit over the years.

What’s one thing you are trying to learn right now?

I’m diving deeper into data science/analytics and seeking to understand trends for our clients.

Who is a change maker that is inspiring you right now?

I'm enjoying working with The Well Coffeehouse. Their product is delicious and they use their profits to make a difference locally and globally.


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