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Change Makers that Make Us Smile

How our dental clients are changing lives

Nonprofits aren’t the only organizations who can be change makers. The way we see it, change makers can exist in any industry. They’re people who work where life change happens. They care about more than just the bottom line, and ultimately, they want to make people’s lives better. Whether it’s through a product or a service, they are making an impact. 

Over the last several years, we’ve had the honor of partnering with many dental clients. Here are a few of their amazing missions that we have had the opportunity to be a part of:

Tiny Town Dental

Named for the memorable road on which it’s located, Tiny Town Dental in Clarksville, Tennessee is known for providing accessible, high quality care for anyone in their close-knit community. They’re committed to making sure every family can afford and access the care they need, and they put that into practice by offering Saturday and same-day availability. They’re also one of the few providers in the area that accepts TriCare for military families. It’s a family-first neighborhood dentist office that truly supports its community in actionable ways and makes every patient feel at home.

For Tiny Town Dental, we were honored to help them develop a strong brand strategy, clear and inspiring brand messaging and a new, clean website to support the incredible work they do.

Tiny Town Web Mockups

Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Nashville Restorative Dentistry is uniquely passionate about restoring confidence and promoting whole-body health for their patients, since oral health can have a major impact on overall health. Left untreated, poor oral health can be a significant barrier to living a thriving life. Nashville Restorative Dentistry is always on the leading edge of dental technology and also wants to make sure every patient feels comfortable, even if they’ve had a bad dental care experience in the past. 

We have had a longstanding, collaborative relationship with Nashville Restorative Dentistry, including developing powerful and clear brand messaging and designing an effective and sleek website to support it. We have also executed a highly successful digital marketing strategy that has continually improved impressions and click-through rates.. In the last three years, we reduced their cost-per-lead by 14% on average each year.


Hope Smiles

Founded by Dr. Phillip Kemp of Kemp Dental (another one of our clients), the team at Hope Smiles believes everyone deserves access to quality dental care. They are also passionate about helping dental professionals find purpose in their career. They bring these two missions together by inviting dental professionals to volunteer their time to provide free dental care to underserved communities. They invest in leadership development and partner with other organizations to increase access to dental care in communities around the world. They’re improving overall health and cultivating hope in the lives of people in Tennessee, Uganda and across the globe.

We’ve loved partnering with Hope Smiles to help create a clear architecture for their different initiatives, as well as compelling brand messaging and marketing collateral to communicate their efforts effectively.

Hope Smiles thank you card

Kemp Dental

Kemp Dental is owned and operated by Dr. Phillip Kemp, who has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry in the Nashville area for over 30 years. He opened his private practice in 1988 – with the goal to provide quality dentistry to his patients. Now joined by his son, Nolan Kemp, they are a family practice with a passion for dentistry that flows from hearts that love to help others look and feel their best, so they can go and impact the world.

We’ve partnered with Kemp Dental throughout the years to refine their visual brand, create a new website and develop collateral to use in their office. We are also excited to be helping them attract and reach new patients.

Kemp Dental website

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